Cornerways Residential

Statement of Purpose


We are committed to ensure that people who use our service will:

  • Be at the centre of their individual service.
  • Always treated respectfully
  • Be supported to communicate with us in a way of their
    personal choice
  • Have their independence promoted
  • Be provided with a safe and secure home
  • Enjoy life to the full
  • Be supported to take as much control of their life as they wish

We will show our commitment by the way we think about our work, our attitudes and behaviour as our values will have a direct impact on the people at Cornerways. It is not enough to know and understand our commitments; all staff must be able to demonstrate our understanding continuously through the way that we work.


Cornerways aims to provide care and support for people who cannot wholly look after themselves with the belief that the rights of the people who use Cornerways are paramount.

  • Each person has an individualised care plan that will enable
    their views on how they wish to live their lives and changing
    needs are developed and observed by those caring for them
  • Good, strong communication between staff to facilitate
    professional practice.
  • To provide useful and beneficial social contact with other
    members of the local community to present opportunities
    whereby employment, activities and entertainment can be
  • To provide a healthy and stimulating environment.
  • To promote the development of communication skills.

Facilities and Services

Cornerways is a two storey dormer bungalow situated close to the town centre of Tavistock, Devon. The home was opened in 2002 after extensive renovation to provide top quality residential accommodation and currently accommodates 3 service users.

The property is surrounded by extensive gardens which include two flowerbeds and several mature trees.

At the front of the property there is decking and a tarmac area with patio furniture for residents’ use. The entire property is circled by tall hazel hedges which maximise privacy, yet do not obscure views to the surrounding area.

A ramp leads to the entrance and a large hall area from which doors lead off to the rest of the accommodation. Cornerways has been specifically adapted for wheelchair users thus all the rooms for residents’ use are situated on the ground floor.

There are three well furnished en-suite bedrooms all of which look out onto the gardens, a large lounge with an open fireplace, a fitted out kitchen and dining area. Upstairs there is an office and a large room which his currently unused apart from storage.

Outside there is a double garage and a laundry facility. There is a swimming pool and toilet facilities attached on the outside of the kitchen area; the swimming pool is currently empty and is not used.

The residents have the use of two landline phones and their mobiles. Residents are able to receive visitors in any of the communal areas and in their own bedrooms. They are encouraged to treat Cornerways as their home and are actively involved in day to day decisions about food planning, activities and outings as well as being encouraged to personalise bedrooms.

Number and size of rooms

Lounge – 5.87m by 4.22m
Dining Room – 4.27m by 4.22m
Kitchen – 5.38m by 3.55m
Bedroom 1 – 4.19m by 3.66m
Bedroom 2 – 12m sq
Bedroom 3 – 12m sq
Office – 4.77m by 2.72m
Bathroom 1 – Ensuite with Bedroom 3
Bathroom 2 – Ensuite with Bedrooms 1 and 2
Bathroom 3 – For use by staff and visitors
Laundry – External
Swimming pool area

Our principles

  1. To focus on the people who use our service and provide personal care and support in ways which have positive outcomes for them and actively promote their participation.
  2. To ensure that we are fit for our purpose. We examine our operations constantly to ensure that we are successfully achieving our stated aims and purposes. We welcome feedback from our service users and their friends and relatives.
  3. To work for the comprehensive welfare of the people we support. We aim to provide for each person we support, a package of care that contributes to their overall personal and healthcare needs and preferences.
  4. We will co-operate with other services and professionals to help to maximise each service user’s independence and ensure, as fully as possible, the services users maximum participation in the community.

Privacy and Dignity

Cornerways recognises good quality of personal care must always be to promote a way of life for the people we support which permit them to enjoy, to the greatest possible extent, their rights as individual human beings.

The following rights are fundamental to Cornerways. We recognise an individual’s right to privacy involves being free from intrusion or unwelcome attention. Our aim is to maximise our service users’ privacy in the following ways. We understand that the right to dignity involves recognising the intrinsic value of people as individuals and the specific nature of each person’s particular needs.

  1. Staff will enter and access rooms within the property only with express consent of the individual they are there to support.
  2. A person receiving support has the right not to have to interact with or be interrupted by our staff when, for example, they are
    entertaining a visitor or are engaged on an intimate activity on their own account.
  3. To be provided with a homely, safe and clean accommodation of the highest standard and to be actively encouraged to bring personal possessions into the home. We respect and recognise the fact that the people we support have possessions that are private.
  4. Our staff respect a person’s right to make telephone calls and carry on conversations without being overheard or observed by them
  5. We ensure that records of the service provided are seen only by those with a legitimate need to know the information they contain.
  6. We ensure, if asked, that the individual receives the necessary
    assistance with dressing and maintaining their clothes.
  7. We aim to minimise any feelings of inadequacy, inferiority and
    vulnerability which people we support may have arising from disability.
  8. We treat people with the sort of respect which reinforces personhood and individual characteristics, addressing them and introducing them to others in their preferred style, responding to specific cultural
    demands and requirements, and aiming to maintain relationships which are warm and trusting but appropriate to the relationship of worker to service user.
  9. To be able to freely comment on, or complain about, any aspect of the services provided at Cornerways, whether informally or formally.
  10. To be provided with the opportunity to choose their food and plan menus.
  11. To be cared for by appropriately trained and qualified staff.
  12. To have access to a GP, Dentist and other health professionals.
  13. To have access to an advocate if they wish.
  14. To be encouraged to continue old friendships and to form new ones.
  15. To be safeguarded from any discrimination of any kind.
  16. To be encouraged to participate in recreational activities if the individual so desires and to be given the opportunity to broaden their life experiences.
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